Friday, August 21, 2009

Dog Friend #5 - Leli 02

This is Leli again.We had a chance to see her again, out side of AG.
They are getting to know each other better.
(At least Zipper wanted to get to know Leli more!)
"Black & White 2009"
This photo was taken at a place called Crocker Park, OH.

(During my internship at American Greetings.)

Little girl and little dog

We went to Santana Row again yesterday, and met this precious little girl. She was two and half years old, but did a very good job holding Zipper in her arms.

I think she was proud of herself, and she deserves to be!
I mean, who would think a two and half yer old can hold a full-grown dog all by herself? lol

It was so cute of her to keep asking me if she could hold him again, again, and again.

Summer style

Since San Jose is very hot everyday, I had to give Zipper a summer hair cut.He looks even smaller with shorter hair!

We are back in California!

My husband took us to a place called Santana Row in San Jose, California.It was a beautiful place, and very dog friendly!

Dog Friend #7 - Nina

This is Nina!
She is another dog (puppy) we met at AG.
Zipper is looking for Nina.
Where is Nina~?
Lucy sees her but not not Zipper.
She is shy and kept hiding her self.She can sit.
...and down!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Dog Friend #3 - Lucy 02

More Pictures of Lucy & Zipper!
They finally feel comfortable sleeping on the same cushion.
The blue blanket is a baby blanket I bought at the AG store.

They are sleeping in the same positions!

I think Lucy will really miss Zipper...